Government: Monarchy
Population: 80% human, 10% elf, 5% dwarf, 5% gnome
Major Religions:
Currency: Valece’s economy is based on coinage.
Platinum coins are called
Gold coins are called
Electrum coins are called
Silver coins are called
Copper coins are called
Laws and Customs:
Major Holidays and Events:
Common Languages: Valecian

Like many countries, Valece began not as a full-fledged kingdom all its own, but as a collection of neighboring duchies and baronies. Centuries of feudalism eventually weaned out the weaker rulers, until the lines between their lands blurred and fewer independent provinces remained. As time passed and these provinces solidified, they all eventually were overcame by the Cathartans. When the empire fell into a slow decline and withdrew further and further west, it became obvious that they were losing their grip on the east. The lands that would become Valece fell into a dark age, as petty squabbles arose among the nobility, made worse by the constant harrying of Lind. The duchies were once more divided as plague, warfare, and banditry grew rampant. In 1447, civil war broke out amongst the nobility. The rebels united themselves under the banner of Casval Aznavour, a peasant who was not descended from any of the previous ruling families. Casval’s goal was to overthrow the nobility and instate a new monarchy that would not be upheld by the old families, and would resist the temptation to fall into their old feuds. After a long and bloody campaign, he was successful, and by 1462 he had driven anyone of Cathartan or Lindish blood away from the throne. This new nation became Valece, and has undergone a rapid expansion of wealth and culture in the fifty years since its reformation.

With the rise of a new order, patriotism and national pride have become important to Valecian citizens. Their rulers have guided them to previously unseen prosperity, and they have gained their people’s unwavering support. Unfortunately, this may make Valecians seem haughty or even decadent to outsiders, especially given the high culture of its nobles, who are known to openly practice magic, among other taboos. The Lindish in particular see Valecians as foppish and indulgent.

Government and Politics
The current king of Valece is King Allain II, grandson of Casval. He is known to be a kind and fair man, but his time spent fighting the endless war with Lind has left him tired and bitter in the middle years of his life. He seeks to end the war as soon as possible, but has been prevented from doing so by just about every action Lind has taken against him. He is married to the extraordinarily beautiful Queen Noella, a strong woman in her own right who is very supportive of her husband. They have three children: Princess Brigitte, Princess Eliane, and Prince Cailean.


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