Spheres of Power

All Templore campaigns utilize the Spheres of Power third party system produced by Drop Dead Studios. This includes all spheres and related abilities, all of the alternate rules systems presented in the Advanced Magic chapter (Advanced Talents, Rituals, Spellcrafting, and Incantations), many of the rules included in the Player Options chapter, and the rules for creating and using magic items detailed in the Magic Items chapter.

Several custom classes have been designed using the Spheres of Power rules, replacing the standard spellcasting classes from Pathfinder. See the Classes section for complete details on each of these classes. Please note that none of the classes contained in the Spheres of Power book are eligible for player characters.

These classes are designed to be played as-is, but if a player is interested in tweaking their character by implementing casting traditions or drawbacks that are not part of the base class, the DM may work with the player to fit their character concept into the world. As with all character building options, the DM has final say as to what is allowed in his campaign.

House Rule Content

Some new sphere talents and other options have been developed specifically for the Templore setting, as detailed below.

Destruction Sphere

Force Missile (Blast Type): Your blasts become smaller but more focused. Instead of a normal blast, you may use a force missile, which uses d4’s for damage instead of d6’s, deals force damage, and automatically hits the target unless they have full cover or concealment. You gain an additional missile each time your blast damage increases (2 missiles at 2d6, 3 missiles at 3d6, and so on). These missiles can all be aimed at separate targets or one individual. Force missiles cannot be altered by any other blast type or blast shape talent.

Spheres of Power

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