Magic Items

Objects of magical power, as with magic itself, are never commonplace in the world of Templore. Consumables like potions and scrolls can sometimes be found in an alchemist’s workshop or hedge witch’s hut, but most common folk will not have access to them. Trinkets of minor magical effect may belong to some who are fortunate or wealthy enough to possess them. In the case of enchanted weapons, jewelry or clothing, each item is a priceless artifact, often bearing a name, history of wielders or wearers, and crafted by a highly skilled artificer. Legends are weaved around these items and the people who bear them.

Crafting Magic Items
Since Templore campaigns use the Spheres of Power system in place of standard spellcasting rules, the creation of magic items is handled using this system. Refer to the Spheres of Power rules for more information.

Automatic Bonus Progression Rules
The setting also uses the Automatic Bonus Progression alternate rules from Pathfinder Unchained. This means that all magical weapons and armor do not have enhancement bonuses of their own, and are crafted without factoring in the costs of such.

Purchasing Magic Items
Unusual as magical commodities are, there are very few stable markets that produce them. Typically magical consumables are produced on an individual, as-needed basis, and there is no such thing as a “magic-mart” where one may buy magical items in bulk.

In countries where magic is more common, some trade guilds may exist to regulate the production of minor magical items. Even in these regions, magic items will be expensive and none but the wealthiest of individuals will be able to purchase them.




Magic Items

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