Government: Hereditary monarchy
Population: 65% human, 10% dwarf, 10% elf, 10% gnome, 5% other
Popular Religions:
Currency: Hacksilver. Plain jewelry is worn on the body, and is cut into pieces or traded whole. Size and material of jewelry denote value in coin.
Laws and Customs:
Major Holidays and Events:
Common Languages: Fjorse

In the early days of the fjorsemen’s incursion into Templore, the carved a broad path of plunder and land-taking across the eastern side of the continent over a long number of years. Constantly dodging the Corinthian armies, they would strike quickly and retreat across the ocean to their homeland almost exclusively through the region that would become Brundholde, due to the close proximity to the coast of Fellheim.

When the raids yielded diminishing returns, increasing numbers of men were sent to cover wider areas. The Corinthians used this to their advantage and eventually routed the large armies into the hillocks between the Klaani and Brochenzahn mountains. Their route to the sea cut off behind them, most were killed in the ensuing chaos and the rest fled to hide in the trees or mountains.

A man by the name of Halvod The Grey, a jarl in his homeland who had been exiled numerous times for unlawful conduct, managed to rally the few hundred men who had not been slain, starved, or fled completely. With these men under his banner he approached some of the elven cities in the region, whom they had no predisposition towards as they were already more than familiar with elves in Fellheim, who were numerous and held good relations with humans there. Halvod asked the elves to aid him in battle against the Corinthians. Reluctantly they agreed.

In the first time in recorded Temploran history, humans allied with elves in an awesome conflict between the so-called “Grey Army” and the opposing Corinthians, each of which numbered in the thousands. After an exhausting battle, the Grey Army was victorious, and in yet another unprecedented move, Halvod slew the remaining soldiers who had been taken prisoner and left one man and one horse alive. The Corinthian man, a general, was handed a note by Halvod which demanded he be allowed to take control of the region between the mountains. The general rode away and never returned.

After the long winter months had passed, during which the elves had returned to their homes as did some of the remaining fjorsemen, and some died outright from exposure, a rider arrived in the spring bearing a message for Halvod. It proclaimed that he would be allowed to take control of the region but only under the condition that he swear himself to the empire and settle the land as an imperial province. Halvod agreed, thus declaring the region be called Brundholde (“mountain home”) and officiating it as the second imperial province after Catharta.


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