Government: Confederation
Population: 75% human, 10% elf, 5% halfling, 10% other
Popular Religions: Ao
Laws and Customs:
Major Holidays and Events:
Common Languages: Linovian

Linovia is known as the center of trade in Templore. Its geographic location gives it perfect access to all sides of the continent via the massive Lake Argent and the Lagola River which joins the lake to the sea, as well as several highways which run through the region. More goods and merchants pass through Linovia than perhaps any other region.

Peddling these wares are the “merchant princes”, so called because their immense wealth and status grants them many privileges that only royalty or nobility would offer in other countries.

In the past, Linovia was a collection of wealthy city states dotting the shores of the Argent and Lagola. As their borders grew closer together, the rulers of these cities formed a coalition and agreed to remain mostly autonomous while sharing wealth and trade. A republic was formed, with the wealthiest of these small states organizing a council to create laws and regulations. Nevertheless, disputes among these provinces are still common, and small-scale skirmishes often break out. These piccole guerre, or little wars, are fought by condottieri, venture captains who lead free companies of soldiers. These mercenaries engage in battles which are almost entirely bloodless, and more customary than actual combat. Battles are fought for many reasons, and the condottieri often change loyalties from lord to lord to create just enough strife to ensure coin in their pockets. The newly-formed Linovia has flourished under this new government, reaching a truly remarkable level of prosperity.

Of course, all of this wealth must be guarded against those seeking to take it as their own. While Linovia has no standing army, it does heavily employ armed free men to guard the cities, caravans, and roads. Guarded checkpoints and inns are placed frequently along the highways, and travelling patrols keep bandits and wild creatures at bay. Despite this, travel in Linovia is not common, as high tolls are collected at most of these checkpoints in order to maintain them, and only the merchants can afford to use them regularly. Although Linovia is a mostly peaceful country, should a serious threat arise, the militia can be mustered and sent to war.

The low, rolling hills and long, warm summers of the region make it a perfect place to grow grapes, and wine is a major export. Linovian wines are known for being dry and tart, with dark red wines being more popular. Slavery is still present here, but most of the halflings belong to wealthy families, and slaves usually enjoy a higher quality of life than the peasantry.


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