Intermediary Deities

Asmodeus [Lawful Evil]
The Prince of Hell, Asmodeus is said to come from another crystal sphere, but when his influence arrived in Templore it spread quickly. Asmodeus and his priests have not been weaving their dark plots for very long, but some are bound to come to fruition eventually.
Favored weapon: mace
DOMAINS: Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, Trickery

Lamashtu [Chaotic Evil]
Often referred to as The Whore Queen or The Demon Harlot, and the Mother of Monsters. Lamashtu was an human queen, born with prophetic powers. Her gift, however, was viewed as a curse, as her powers only manifested when a male spilled seed in her womb, at which time a host of demons would possess her body, spitting forth cryptic, foul and foreboding omens. Immediately thereafter, her belly would swell and a new form of hideous, monstrous being would spill forth from her womb. It is said that many monsters of myth and legend were spawned from her infernal crevice, and each had a specific prophecy thus spoken associated with them, so named for the monster which was heralded (the prophecy of the chimaira, the prophecy of the hydra, etc.) Lamashtu is often asssociated with succubi and incubi, and her court in the underworld is serviced by them; the succubi being her handmaidens, and the incubi acting as her personal honor guard.

Worshippers of Lamashtu often host orgies in her name, as she herself did in her mortal life. These orgies are steeped in depravity, and acts of incest, bestiality, and worse are performed to honor the goddess.
Favored weapon: falchion
DOMAINS: Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, Trickery

Corasteyn [Lawful Good]
Heavily worshipped by humans, Corasteyn is the god of farming, trade, family and community. He is most popular in cities and other bastions of humanity, where people hold great festivals in his name to garner his favor for bountiful harvests every year. Corasteyn is an avatar of Ashramel.
Holy symbols and colors: castles, stone towers, corn shocks; white, gray, gold
Favored weapon: sickle
DOMAINS: Community, Good, Law, Protection, Nobility

Intermediary Deities

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