Fjorse Pantheon

Dûrin [True Neutral]
Chief god of Fellheim, Dûrin is a strong, stern and proud leader to his people. He is credited with gifting man everything he has, including language, knowledge, and emotion. His involvement with the three-way feud between god of giants, Ulrim, and the god of dark fey, Myrkalfir are well-known, and clerics of each order will attack the others without question. It is widely believed that the first true king of Fjorsland, Rekhart the Grey, was a blood descendant of Dûr, and was destined to one day return from death and bring his people to glory against Fjorse dragon god of destruction Nafjir.
DOMAINS: Community, Rune, Protection, Strength, War,

Eluveite [Lawful Neutral]
The Fjorse goddess of magic and death, who dwells in the underworld.
Holy symbols and colors:
Favored weapon: quarterstaff
DOMAINS: Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Repose, Trickery

Ravik [Chaotic Neutral]
God of the sea and storms, he determines if one is worthy to travel by boat. If one is in his favor, he will travel on water safely; if not, misfortune is sure to follow. His clerics can harness both aspects, and grant their followers protection or safe travel as well as unleash the furious destruction of storms on their enemies.
Holy symbols and colors: three lightning bolts over three waves of water; yellow, blue, grey
Favored weapon: warhammer
DOMAINS: Air, Protection, Travel, Water, Weather

Hadvar [Chaotic Neutral]
The fjorse god of war and battle. To die in battle is the ultimate honor amongst fjorsemen, and any who do so is given the honor of joining Hadvar at his dining hall in the afterlife where they wait for the ultimate battle against Nafjir.
Holy symbols and colors:
Favored weapon: longsword
DOMAINS: Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War

Ulrim [Chaotic Evil]
The god of ice giants, snow storms, and evil tundra-roaming barbarians.
Holy symbols and colors: a snowflake with a drop of blood at the center; blue, black
Favored weapon: battleaxe
DOMAINS: Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War

Myrkalfir [Neutral Evil]
Prime deity of evil fey creatures, including some elves.
Holy symbols and colors:
Favored weapon: dagger
DOMAINS: Charm, Destruction, Evil, Magic, Trickery,

Nafjir [Lawful Evil]
The fjorse god of evil dragons, Nafjir is himself a dragon with black scales and highly favors black dragons. According to legend, he is supposed to kill Durin in the final battle of humanity and bring destruction to the world.
Holy symbols and colors:
Favored weapon: shortsword
DOMAINS: Destruction, Darkness, Evil, Law, War

Skulda [neutral good]
One of the few good-aligned fjorse deities, Skulda is the goddess of family and fertility.
Holy symbols and colors:
Favored weapon: shortbow
DOMAINS: Animal, Community, Good, Protection, Plant

The Fjorse god of dwarves, runes, and craftsmanship.

Fjorse Pantheon

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