Government: Holy Monarchy
Population: 80% Human, 10% elf, 5% halfling, 5% other
Popular Religions:
Currency: Barter/trade
Laws and Customs: All forms of magic is legal, all forms of slavery is legal
Major Holidays and Events:
Common Languages: Hakhiri, Elven

According to myth, long ago, far to the north of Templore in the desert of Perhewet was the vast kingdom of Ankhet. This kingdom was rich, one of the richest of its time, and had technologies and social sophistication unmatched by any culture before or since. Ankhet was ruled by the pharaohs, kings who were living avatars of the gods themselves. Ankhet conquered many more kingdoms as time went by, and before long controlled nearly the entire desert which stretched for hundreds of miles in every direction. There was, however, an ancient prophecy which foretold the coming of the avatar of Geth, god of destruction, and when the pharaohs grew too strong and the kingdom too large, the desert itself would open up and swallow it whole.

When the Cathartans conquered much of Templore, they found a sizeable desert to the south, which word of reached Ankhet. One day, on the inauguration of Prince Hennet I to the throne on his thirteenth birthday, the avatar inside him awakened and unleashed destruction on the capital city. An earthquake occurred, tearing an enormous fissure through the desert which the sand and cities poured into like water. The royal court wizards gathered, and after a lengthy duel with Hennet, killed him. In an unparalleled act of magic, the wizards then combined their powers and teleported the entire capital city thousands of miles south to the Temploran desert. They renamed the city, or what remained of it, after the old kingdom and began anew.

Whether this myth holds true is a subject of much debate among sages, the fact remains that there are crumbling ruins of an ancient Ankhetan empire in the Perhewet desert. Many modern scholars believe that rather than the epic myth perpetrated by the Ankhetans, the old city was destroyed in open revolt of the increasingly tyrannical monarchy, and they simply migrated to a new area that suited them.

Today Hakhir is as bustling and sophisticated as the old kingdom from which it came, though they have long ago given up the expansionist part of their government due to constant feuds with the Cathartans over land. It is still ruled by the pharaohs, the most current being King Narmer IV.


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