Welcome to the continent of Templore!

Templore is a “low fantasy” campaign setting, being medieval in nature, where magic and monsters are very present, but take to the background in light of things which tend to be much more pressing in a medieval society, such as politics, economics, and warfare. It draws inspiration primarily from the style of “Gygaxian” world design, and uses a modified version (with house-ruling heavily implemented) of the Pathfinder RPG system.

The initial ideas for this setting were formed when I was 11 years old, two years before I began playing roleplaying games. I needed a world to make my fantasy ideas seem more real and cohesive, so I drew (poorly) a rough map of a continent. I figured it would do until I could (someday) afford to buy my own rulebooks and learn to play D&D, then I would begin the real world-building. Eventually, the thoughts I had about this “temporary lore” began to stick with me, and before long I had built up a decent enough history I didn’t want it to go to waste. So Templore (see what I did there?) was created, and when I finally got my hands on a brand new set of the D&D core rulebooks, I began putting everything in my head to paper.

I’m 22 now, effectively making Templore as an idea 11 years old. Did I have any idea that something I sat and scribbled on a paper one boring afternoon would survive to eventually be half my age? Not really. Certainly, the creative process fell from the wagon, sometimes for periods of years, along the way, but overall the characters and histories of the world never left me. Over the past year or so, I decided to finally get serious and write a full chronicle of anything and everything Templore. Not only because it’s fun to do, but because years and years of imagination were practically demanding to be let out of my brain. What I have now is a world that is not only a part of myself, but part of my friends and those that play and contribute to the betterment of myself as well as the game world.


Current Campaign(s)/Adventures

-Currently, the campaign in progress is In Absentia Deorum, being played on the Paizo play-by-post forums.

Past Games

Templore Campaign Setting

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