Welcome to the continent of Templore!

Templore is a “low fantasy” campaign setting. It draws inspiration primarily from the style of past Dungeons and Dragons settings such as Birthright, Kingdoms of Kalamar, and Ravenloft, and many other sources (such as Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, George R. R. Martin’s Westeros, Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, Arthurian legend, and several real-world mythologies and cultures) and uses a modified version, with house-ruling, of the Pathfinder RPG system.

Templore is a land divided. Divided by belief, honor, greed, glory, and blood. Once, life was young, and the peoples lived in relative harmony, unaware of each other. Magic was thick in the air, and the world seemed more alive. It was a time of myth, when heroes clashed with primeval monsters and individuals could change the very face of the land. But as time passed, so too did the magic and wonder, and much was lost. Then the age of humans came, as they quickly spread to every corner of the world, overtaking all in their path. Now, the monsters are men; tyrants and thieves, warlords and marauders, hungry for power. Magic, and the creatures of myth, have receeded into the shadows, far away from the stone fortresses and the gleaming steel weapons of mankind. It is a time of fuedalism, where land is more precious than gold, and even life.


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