Language barriers are still very much an issue in Templore, as can be expected with so many different types of cultures existing beside one another. There has yet to be established a “common” or trade tongue, though certain languages are more prominent than others. For instance, the language of the Cathartan empire is still spoken in areas that were once provinces of the empire, which includes most of Templore.

Characters in Templore begin play knowing the base languages for their race, as follows:

Dwarf: Dwarven (Zakharan)
Elf: Old Elven (Akashic), regional dialect
Gnome: Gnomish
Halfling: Birth region language
Half-elf: elvish and one human birth region language
Half-orc: orcish and one birth region language
Human: Birth region language
Icho: Tribe language (Deer, Wolf, Bear, Cougar, Boar, Shark, etc.)

Additional languages may be learned by purchasing ranks in the Linguistics skill, as per the core rules. Also, characters do not begin play literate; a character who wishes to read and write the languages she knows must purchase a rank in Linguistics. Anyone wishing to learn a new language or to read and write must contact someone or seek the proper literature which already possesses such knowledge to learn it from, which may incur additional monetary costs or other compensation.
The list of human regional languages, (and the regions they are commonly spoke in), is as follows:

Sargosian (Sargosa, Sangre Desert)
Fjorse (Fjorsland)
Valecian (Valece)
Sheax [pronounced ‘shay’] (Lyndwyrme Isles, Valece)
Linovian (Linovia)
Sargosan (Sargosa)
Hakhiri (Hakhir)


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