In Templore, the sword is a powerful tool. It can speak louder than words, give rise or destruction to empires, defend with honor or murder in cold indifference. Among all of the people in Templore, there are none who are better with a sword, or indeed any other weapon, than the fighter.

The fighter is the true master of arms, and is one of the most prolific character classes in the world. The fighter represents the combat elite, trained to the peak of his physical and tactical potential. Where the warrior character class comprises the majority of armed people in the world, from foot soldiers to bandits to town militia, the fighter is a step above. Whether a chivalrous knight, an elite trooper of the king’s army, a veteran warlord, seasoned pit fighter, or any other skilled combatant.

In a Templore game, the fighter is used as presented in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, with a couple of exceptions.

Firstly, the fighter gains the Combat Stamina feat at first level as a bonus feat, which allows access to combat tricks. For more information on this system, refer to the stamina alternate rules in Pathfinder Unchained.

Secondly, the fighter gains access to the Advanced Armor Training and Advanced Weapon Training abilities, when appropriate. For more information on these rules see the Armor Master’s Handbook and the Weapon Master’s Handbook respectively.


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