Creating a Templore Character

The Templore campaign setting is quite different from most of the officially licensed Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons campaign worlds. The Pathfinder system has been heavily modified with house rules which all player should be aware of before creating a character, and the lore and tone of the setting will also affect which character concepts will fit properly into the world. To make the process of character generation a bit easier, the following guide has been provided.

The Basics

Races: To maintain the style and themes of the game world, only the races presented in the Races section are available for players to choose as a PC. Other races may be made available for players depending on the campaign.

Classes: As with races, only the classes presented in the Classes section are available to player characters. This is to ensure the PCs possess the feel and flavor of the game setting.

Ability scores: All Templore PCs should be created using the point buy system for ability scores outlined in the Pathfinder core rulebook. By default all PCs have 15 points available for purchasing ability scores.

Racial abilities and ability scores: The core races of Templore vary a bit from their standard counterparts. See each individual race’s description for more details. In addition, some races may exchange their race features for alternate ones from various Pathfinder sources; this is done through DM approval only.

Classes and Favored Class Benefits: The selection of character classes available are quite different from the standard Pathfinder classes. For simplicity and convenience, all classes provide the standard +1 skill rank or +1 HP favored class bonus.

Skills: Some skills function differently. See the House Rules section for details on how skills have been altered.

Feats: Because the rules have been altered significantly, some feats may no longer be valid or useful to have. It would be too much trouble to compile a complete list of viable feats, but you may wish to choose feats after other areas of your character have been worked on.

Traits: Each character may select two traits as per the normal Pathfinder rules, and some Templore campaigns may even provide a list of special campaign traits which will give you additional roleplay benefits within that campaign. However, because Templore campaigns utilize altered versions of the standard Pathfinder rules, certain traits may not fit well within a Templore game.

Creating a Templore Character

Templore Campaign Setting Illusees